July In Bloom

Chopping and juicing and blending and freezing all this fruit every day is a labor of love.

Woman arrested for mango-related shooting.  😳 

Let’s hope she doesn’t show up at Pine Island’s MangoMania this weekend.

I’m still working on a mango salsa recipe to call my own.  I’m always tweaking it.  Here are two fresh, simple ones to hold you over until I roll out my official best recipe:  this one with only 5 ingredients, and this one with avocado.  

Okra is coming in!  I made Florida ratatouille.  Next up: okra and corn fritters, skewers on the grill, and of course I have to pickle it.  

I learned to shuck and slurp like a pro in New Orleans with Julie Qiu from In a Half Shell.  I loved the Murder Points.  😋

Three Simple Rules for Eating Seafood:  Paul Greenberg explains why we should eat more seafood, especially filter feeders, and most importantly:  Choose American Seafood!!!  

Sharks!  Toby tells me about this while we’re swimming at Egmont Key: 500-pound bull shark recently caught off Egmont Key.    

Should swimmers worry about sharks?   I’ll try not to think about them eating sea turtles “like potato chips.”

Aloha Nalu:  beautiful video captured by drones of pro surfer Malia Manuel. 

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  1. Jennifer pavluk July 16, 2015 at 1:26 pm

    Never really tried a lot of mango. But how to cut them up and the salsa recipe will keep me inspird till you give us your personal recipe,

    1. suwanneerose July 16, 2015 at 1:39 pm

      Hi Jennifer, If you type in ‘mango pitfalls’ in the search box on the right you’ll find a post on my method for slicing them. I’m working on video tutorial, too. I hope you like them!

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