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Florida Lobster with Cajun Butter

Chef Paul Prudhomme changed the way we cook Gulf Coast seafood; perfecting technique, seasoning boldly, and using butter with abandon at a time when fat was taboo.  

Classic Blackened Redfish

Every fish has a best recipe, and there is nothing better than blackening redfish.  There are a few qualities about redfish that make it most suitable for blackening:  it’s juicy, it’s firm, and it has enough flavor to stand up to spicy seasonings.

Blackened Redfish Burgers

Blackened redfish is one of the most delicious fish recipes of all time.  It’s so good that when New Orleans chef Paul Prudhomme popularized it in the 1980s the redfish population in the Gulf of Mexico was annihilated. Gulf coast states established emergency closures and commercial fishing for redfish ended.  Since then the fishery has… Read More

Fish and Red Rice

I borrowed this old community cookbook from my mom.   We used it all the time growing up.