Gasparilla 2017

Do you feel an overwhelming sense of dread? A feeling of imminent doom?

Trust your instincts, because the world as you know it is about to be turned upside-down (well, at least if you live in Tampa). Only yesterday this was a decent place to live. The traffic wasn’t so bad and the people were mostly sober. Ships moved around the port, slow and steady, guided by licensed captains.My how things have changed. Gone are the civilized residents.Gone are the laws and common decency. You think these guys are going to step in? Think again, my friend. They were laughing when I took this.
It all started when a madman sailed into town with a motley crew, heavily armed with outdated artillery and Mardi Gras beads. He claims to be a notorious buccaneer by the name of José Gaspar, but deep-down, we all know he’s a foolish, fictional pirate. It doesn’t even matter! Everyone plays along, acting like pirates right along with him and his crew.They’ve even kidnapped and corrupted the children.
And they’ve looted our liquor cabinets!They’ve made a complete mess with the beads. (Work on your aim, pirates!)There are only two choices: leave town immediately, or stay and face them. If you choose to stay, I must warn you: the only way you’ll survive is to make a batch of this grog and join in the revelry.Stay safe. Trust no one. 
Even the nurses at Tampa General have turned. 😉