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Ikan Bakar

Cooking and eating whole fish is revered all around the world…

May In Bloom

We’ve driven over 2,000 miles around Florida this month. 

Snapper with Calamondins and Brown Butter

At the request of my family, I’ve been working on some calamondin recipes. One taste transports us back to my great grandmother’s yard. We all loved that beautiful little tree next to her picket fence, loaded with tiny fruit. 

Fish Broth

This is a basic, versatile broth.  It’s very mild and can be used in place of chicken broth in most recipes.  I use it in soups like gumbo, gazpacho and Thai wedding soup.  It makes the most of your catch, and it doesn’t take as long as other bone broths.

Thai Coconut Fish Cakes

I’ve served these fish cakes to friends and family at least a dozen times.  A few things I love about them:  the only ‘binder’ is fresh coconut, which gives them a unique texture.  They’re infused with fragrant kaffir lime leaves, which I can never get enough of.   And a little bit of coconut sugar… Read More

Mangrove Snapper Amandine

Mangrove snapper is a common catch here in Florida.  It’s a delicate, white-fleshed fish.  Complimenting flavors are endless.  The problem with most snapper recipes is