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Mediterranean Seafood Soup

There are so many possibilities for the fish stock in my freezer, but I always find myself falling back on this soup.  It’s a combination of bouillabaisse and cioppino; soups of fragrant broth and wine and seafood served piping hot with a loaf of bread.

Lemony Pickled Shrimp

My fridge is full of all types of pickles, from kosher dills to pickled okra to kimchi.  Those jars will last for months.  But when I make pickled shrimp, they disappear in a couple days.  

Thai Coconut Fish Cakes

I’ve served these fish cakes to friends and family at least a dozen times.  A few things I love about them:  the only ‘binder’ is fresh coconut, which gives them a unique texture.  They’re infused with fragrant kaffir lime leaves, which I can never get enough of.   And a little bit of coconut sugar… Read More

Thai Mango and Lychee Curry

My father-in-law gave me a cookbook called The Spice Merchant’s Daughter.  It’s my favorite cookbook of all time.  The author, Christina Arokiasamy, grew up in Malaysia and has cooked for resorts throughout Southeast Asia.