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Meyer Lemon Pound Cake

“Life handed him a lemon, As Life sometimes will do. His friends looked on in pity, Assuming he was through. They came upon him later, Reclining in the shade In calm contentment, drinking A glass of lemonade.” -The Optimist, Clarence Edwin Flynn

Honey & Meyer Lemon Curd

I recently tried to explain lemon curd to a friend who had never heard of it.  The name made her cringe.  I guess it does sound a bit unappetizing. I’m afraid it only got worse after I described how it’s made.  

Rosemary Meyer Lemonade

Our subtropical climate is gently easing into cooler temperatures.  Meanwhile, the garden is in a state between summer fruits and winter vegetables. 

Meyer Limoncello

Our Meyer lemon tree starts ripening around Thanksgiving, which means I can steep some lemon peels in vodka long enough to make limoncello by Christmas. 

Preserved Meyer Lemons

Last year I had enough Meyer lemons to freeze juice for the year, make limoncello, and share with the neighborhood.  And still I had more lemons.