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Mango Key Lime Ripple

I love wandering around Key West, peeking past picket fences. Old conch houses surrounded by lush gardens of palms, flowers and crotons are so enchanting.

Papaya Coladas

We pass miles of neighborhoods on our way to the Florida Keys, and I think everyone’s got a papaya tree in their backyard. Maybe they just stand out to me because they tower high above the fences and rooftops with big, snowflake-shaped leaves and rows of fruit.

Grouper Fritters with Key Lime Sauce

Three steps for the ultimate Florida Keys sunset experience:  1. Mix up some cocktails. 2. Make a batch of grouper fritters. 3. Find some chairs outside and turn them to face west.

Key Lime Christmas Cookies

All along US1 through the Florida Keys you’ll see signs for “The Best” key lime pie, key lime juice, key lime cookies, even chocolate-dipped-frozen-key-lime-pie-on-a-stick.

Frozen Key Lime Bars

May is my favorite month of the year.  I’m looking forward to fishing and snorkeling, spending evenings on the porch, and celebrating a few birthdays.  I like making birthday cakes, but baking isn’t much fun when it’s really hot out, so I broke out the ice cream maker instead. 

Florida Citrus Peel Candy

Once you squeeze the last bit of juice from fresh citrus, don’t throw the peel away.  Make candy. These pretty little gems are bursting with flavor.

Raw Mango Key Lime Tart

We wrap up mango season with big juicy Keitts.  It wasn’t an abundant year for this tree, but we still got some hefty ones, like this one weighing in just shy of 4 pounds (63.23 ounces).