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Caribbean Coconut Fish Bowls

Maybe it was the Marley documentary, or the new Jamaican restaurant in town, or a few rainy days, but something has me dreaming of the Caribbean lately.

Grilled Grouper Sliders

Happy Labor Day weekend!  We’re hoping it doesn’t rain so we can fire up the grill and have a pool party with friends.

Simple Sauces for Fish

We never tire of simply prepared fish.  The secret to never getting bored with it:  sauce.  That’s what makes any fish recipe over the top, and it completely transforms the flavor from one dish to the next.

Mediterranean Fish en Papillote

Sounds like something fancy, doesn’t it?  En Papillote (French for “in parchment”) is actually one of the easiest ways you’ll ever cook fish.

Mediterranean Seafood Soup

There are so many possibilities for the fish stock in my freezer, but I always find myself falling back on this soup.  It’s a combination of bouillabaisse and cioppino; soups of fragrant broth and wine and seafood served piping hot with a loaf of bread.

Fish Broth

This is a basic, versatile broth.  It’s very mild and can be used in place of chicken broth in most recipes.  I use it in soups like gumbo, gazpacho and Thai wedding soup.  It makes the most of your catch, and it doesn’t take as long as other bone broths.

Fish and Red Rice

I borrowed this old community cookbook from my mom.   We used it all the time growing up.

Pine Island Sunset

Pine Island is a quaint little island in southwest Florida, situated between Ft. Myers and Sanibel.  There aren’t any beaches or big hotels