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Black Sapote and Pecan Tart

The black sapote is an elusive tropical fruit. Occasionally I find them at farmer’s markets, and sometimes a friend surprises me with one. They’re a rare treat, and I savor every one that finds its way into my kitchen.

Frozen Key Lime Bars

May is my favorite month of the year.  I’m looking forward to fishing and snorkeling, spending evenings on the porch, and celebrating a few birthdays.  I like making birthday cakes, but baking isn’t much fun when it’s really hot out, so I broke out the ice cream maker instead. 

Black Sapote Mousse

Black sapote is a unique tropical fruit.  It’s often called “chocolate pudding fruit” because the pulp is the color and texture of chocolate pudding.  It’s a type of persimmon native to Central America. They grow in Florida, and you can find them at farmer’s markets from December-March.