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Calamondin Coconut Bars

There used to be a restaurant in Tampa that specialized in raw veganism called Grass Root. Even though I’m not vegan and I love cooking with fire, I liked going there.  You would not believe how creative these people got with their fruits and vegetables.

Snapper with Calamondins and Brown Butter

At the request of my family, I’ve been working on some calamondin recipes. One taste transports us back to my great grandmother’s yard. We all loved that beautiful little tree next to her picket fence, loaded with tiny fruit. 

Broiled Grapefruit

We used to have a grapefruit tree in our backyard.  It was so big kids would climb it.  It gave us so many grapefruit, the old-fashioned white ones.  I ate them like oranges:  peeled, biting into each juicy section over the kitchen sink to catch the drips.