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The Conch Republic In Bloom

There is so much in bloom this month in the Florida Keys.  Huge royal poincianas tower over the rooftops in vivid red, fuchsia bougainvilleas pour over fences, and gardens are filled with every color of plumeria.

Screech Owl Boxes

For the past couple years screech owls have visited our yard at night.  We sit on our porch listening to their beautiful sounds.

Naples Botanical Garden

The Naples Botanical Garden was recently expanded and renovated.  The property now covers 170 acres, including a 90-acre wetland preserve.

A Florida Winter Garden

This year I’m experimenting with three raised beds, and I’ve got a plot of greens that I know will do just fine in the ground.  

Raised Beds for the Florida Garden

October is the best month to plant a garden in Florida.  Vegetables thrive in our mild winter weather.  All you need is a spot that gets plenty of sun for most of the day.  

Cracking a Coconut

One coconut palm produces about 75 coconuts every year.  The majority of coconuts in my neighborhood end up in a pile of yard waste by the street.  

Bok Tower Gardens

There are lots of attractions in central Florida where you can pretend to be somewhere else, but if you’d like to experience the natural beauty of Florida, forgo the theme parks and visit Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales.