The natural beauty and abundance of Florida drew my ancestors here in 1785.

It was wild and hot and swarming with mosquitos, but they had plenty of fish to eat.  Air conditioning and mosquito control have made life easier, but we’ve also drifted away from some of the best things our state has to offer.  This is still a fishing and gardening paradise.

It takes a little work, but what a great reward to sit down to a meal we caught, grew and cooked for ourselves.  I’m inspired by farm-to-table writers and their recipes, but they’re often out of sync with this climate.  Instead, I look to family and friends, gardeners and fishermen to help me figure it out. Suwannee Rose is my journal.  It’s a place where my hobbies intersect, and a forum to share what I learn.  I’ll take you on garden tours and fishing trips, and we’ll visit some of my favorite places in the state.  Then we’ll head back to the kitchen for some subtropical seasonal recipes.  I hope I inspire you to make the most of what’s in your backyard, and ultimately, to share my love of Florida.